Too early to say inflation war is won; infra a bright spot: Arun Chulani of First Water

Arun Chulani, Co-founder of First Water Capital Fund, believes it is the investors’ job to try and create a diversified weather-proof portfolio that one can feel comfortable holding. In an interview with MintGenie, he shared his views on inflation, rate hikes and sectors he is positive about. Edited excerpts: What are your expectations from the Q4 […]

Success is sometimes the outcome of a whole string of failures

As an emerging, vibrant, and multifaceted economy, India can boast of several spectacular success stories. We are surrounded by success stories of unicorns, leaders who have disrupted industries with their innovations, young achievers who have blazed a trail in their respective fields. While we see their achievements, we seldom realize the stories of their struggle. […]

The Rise of the Value Investor

For more than a decade, we have been living with TINA. This does not refer to an unwelcomed houseguest, but with “There Is No Alternative” in terms of investments. What this means is that since the crash of 2008 and more so in the West, we have been living with low interest rates and in […]

Infra sector: The keystone to India’s 5 trillion-dollar economy goal

The government has ambitious targets for the Indian economy: a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2030 and the third largest in the world. Getting there, however, is a lofty goal indeed. The country needs to build a robust infrastructure to support this desire given that Infrastructure is the backbone of any economy. Without it, this […]

This is India’s decade; we focus on the mid-caps, says Arun Chulani of First Water Capital Fund

Indian market is poised for gains in the long term and industries and businesses that will benefit from the ‘China + 1’ initiative, as well as the ‘Minus China’ movement, are the focus of Arun Chulani, Investment Advisor, First Water Capital Fund. In an interview with MintGenie, he talked about his view on the market. Edited […]

Smart strategies to survive a bear market – Sure shot tips

Bear markets are no reason to fear but it is an opportunity to revisit the portfolio and de-risk it with good fundamental stocks. Volatility is the tendency of the equity markets. Therefore, investments in the stock market have a very strong relationship between risk and return. Both bull and bear markets are hard for […]

Remember these 4 rules to survive bear attacks in stock market

In the wild, the way to survive a bear attack differs. For grizzlies, it is best to play dead so that they believe that you are no longer a threat, while with black bears, you should show that you are ready to fight. I am happy to admit that I have no experience, nor […]

Standing against the crowd – the life of a contrarian investor

Being a Contrarian Investor is a lonely and at times painful occupation, but for those who get it right and stay true to the distance, it can be heavily rewarding, says Ricky Kirpalani of First Water Capital Fund (AIF) “If you can keep your head when all about youAre losing theirs and blaming it […]

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